Closed Beta Player Application

10.6.2021~10.27.2021 EDT

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to get information and rewards!

Reward 1 : 200K Adena
Reward 2 : Greater Class Card (11 times) (Bound) (x2)

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More information on whether you have successfully conquered a spot
for Beta will be delivered starting on 10.29.2021 EDT via email.

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Beta details and the steps that will lead you to amazing gameplay
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The application period for
the beta is closed.

Watch the amazing gameplay!

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Pre-registration in progress

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Google Play rewardsApp Store rewards
Soulshot Chest
(x500) (Event)
Soulshot Chest
(x500) (Event)
  1. The beta is only available on PC.
  2. The beta is only available to users who reside in Americas/Europe.
    - Countries: United States of America, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Chile, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Argentina, Peru and Mexico
  3. Violation of terms and conditions and policies during the beta period will result in the deprivation of tester rights and may result in disadvantages when the official service is opened later.
  4. A survey will be sent to you once the beta is complete.
  5. Any game progression made during the beta will not carry over to release.
  6. The beta period is subject to change.
  7. During the beta period, maintenance may be performed without prior notice.
  8. During the beta period, the in-game balance and contents may change without prior notice.
  9. If an in-game item is given as the prize, use period may be limited dependent upon event, and recovery of item may be not allowed if you accidently delete the item.
  10. The prize may be replaced with other prizes of equivalent value dependent upon situation of Company without advance notice.