The Great Battlefield Prelude

Dion Castle Siege

3.22.22 (EST) Prepare to Take the Throne!


Honorable First Throne : Dion Castle Siege

If you are a Clan Master that is level 5 or above and are not occupying a castle, you can declare a siege every Sunday at 7 PM EST.

Would you like to declare a siege on Dion Castle?

  • Declare Siege
  • Recruit Mercenaries : You can recruit mercenaries to join the siege.
  • Join the Mercenaries : You can apply for a mercenary group to participate in the siege.

Honorable First Throne : Dion Castle Siege

First Mission

Destroy the Castle Gate and Guardstone to activate the Inner Castle Gate.

  • Guardstone

    Located deep within the Outer Castle, a Guardstone activates an Inner Castle Gate when destroyed.

  • Inner Castle Gate

    All characters can open this gate during a siege to teleport to the Inner Castle.

Honorable First Throne : Dion Castle Siege

Second Mission

Claim the throne deep within the keep to take possession of Dion Castle from your opponents.

The Throne

Only a Master who has declared a siege can challenge the Throne. If they seize it, they can occupy the castle.

Honorable First Throne : Dion Castle Siege

Final Mission

Defend the Throne long enough, and you’ll become the first Grand Master of Dion Castle.

  • After the time of conversion and Siege : Defense, you will need to occupy the castle for 20 minutes. - If your clan has a successful siege and can defend the castle for 20 minutes, you’ll claim the castle.
  • Defend the throne : Become the master of Dion Castle! - If the siege timer expires while your clan is defending the castle,  you win the castle siege.
  • The clan that wins the Castle Siege reaps the rewards : Honor and Rewards - Win the Castle Siege with your clan to access exclusive rewards.


  • The Throne’s Authority : Tax Distribution - Give out war profits, shop fees, and exchange fees every day at 5 AM EST. The master may change the tax rate once per week.
  • Privileges of a Clan’s Castle : Loot Shop - If your clan is occupying Dion Castle, you'll have access to additional Clan Benefits including an exclusive Loot Shop. Loot is reset at 5 AM EST daily.
  • Symbol of Honor : Clan Hall - Dion Inner Castle can be used as a Clan Hall. The character name of the master who owns the castle is marked with an honorable crown.

Sunday, March 27 at 7pm EST The first Dion Castle siege begins.


Coming Soon

  • A New Master of the Throne : Giran Castle Siege
  • The Greatest Battlefield : World Castle Siege

The update schedule is subject to change.